Everyone – everyone – has a right to:

A good job with a livable wage and safe conditions.

Melinda will focus on raising the minimum wage, securing collective bargaining rights, creating jobs, and passing measures that ensure safe working conditions and provide job security.

Healthcare that is affordable and accessible.

Melinda supports healthcare for everyone. She will continue funding the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, and she will focus on making healthcare accessible in rural communities. She supports women’s access to reproductive healthcare.  


Education that is equitable and excellent.

Melinda will work to ensure that public schools are funded equitably across the state. She supports a public education system that cares for the safety and well being of every student. She supports state funding for vocational and college education to reduce the student loan burden on families.

A safe and healthy home with clean water, air, and soil.

Melinda supports fair housing policies that insure affordable rent and quality living conditions for everyone. She will advocate for environmental policies that protect our water supplies, our air, and our soil from contamination.

A community that values Everyone.

Melinda will work to build communities that bridge differences between people. She supports programs that remove barriers to participation, such as public transportation, childcare and elder care, job training, and mental health and addiction treatment. She supports programs that address the addiction crisis as a community health epidemic that requires effective treatment and prevention, not punishment.

We need your support to realize this vision.