Melinda stands for thriving communities that value all of their people

On the critical importance of state-level offices as the balance of the Supreme Court shifts.

Melinda Miller on Affordable, Accessible Healthcare in Rural Ohio

Melinda on Jobs vs. Wages

Melinda Miller on the Addiction Crisis in Ohio

Watch Melinda’s first town hall.


Melinda is a mom who wants to see everyone have what they need to live a good life.

In the Ohio Senate, Melinda will stand up for:

  • Livable incomes. 

  • Healthcare for everyone.

  • Education that is equitable and excellent.

  • Safe homes with clean air, water, and soil.

  • Thriving communities that value all of their people.

She wants to make sure our children inherit a future where equality, justice, truth, and love thrive. 

This is a future we are creating together.

Please join us.


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On November 6,
vote Melinda Miller
Ohio Senate District 31


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