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We seek endorsements from organizations that align with our values and legislative priorities. If you would like to partner with Melinda, click here.


Personal Endorsements

Personal endorsements from trusted individuals help people who don't know me gain a better understanding of my character, my values, and my platform. They give people a sense of the type of senator I will be -- one who seeks to create a country where equality, justice, truth, and love thrive. Please click here to add your name.


Melinda's honest, pragmatic, and positive insight into our community's challenges and needs, and her willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public's questions and concerns, sets her far apart from the other candidate.  I hope you will join me and vote for Melinda Miller for State Senator. 
- Rochelle Steinberg, retired social worker

Linda Mossholder

Kari Davidson, Nurse Practitioner

Lynn Gorchov

Robin Whittington, Art Director

[Melinda's] a mama bear, for sure, and this time she's thrown that fighting spirit into fighting for her neighbors, her friends and family, and now all those she could do so much good for. I hope the voters of SD31 reward this spirit in November. You won't regret it. Having Melinda on your side and on the right side of history is the only way to vote! 
- Susan O’Connor Fraser, CEO

As a friend, neighbor and mental health provider in Licking County for over 20 years, I enthusiastically and without reservation endorse Melinda. Melinda cares about people, social justice, economic opportunity and racial and gender equality. She cares about our community. I particularly appreciate Melinda's thoughtful, engaged and approachable approach to understanding tough issues. she genuinely is committed to serving the best interests of the people in our community.                   - Meg Grossman, Clinical Social Worker & Mental Health Therapist

Rylie McHam

Thomas Baker, RN

Melinda is most honest and capable woman. She is the physical manifestation of one who hears the cries of the world and, then, appropriately responds.
- Jamie Howell

Frank Hassebrock

Jan MacAulay, Attorney

Nadine Lau

Citizens of the 31st District deserve a Senator who will represent us and not waste the entire General Assembly's time on personal power grabs. We deserve a Senator who will represent our interests, not those of out-of-state corporations whose only interest in Ohio is profit.
- Susan Haas, retired

Mary Tuominen, Professor Emerita, Denison University

Cecile Katz

Ms. Miller will provide the kind of change drastically needed for our legislative area.
- Tony LIiska,
Professor of Philosophy, Denison University

Kevin Payne

Jetta Mencer, Attorney

Barbara Klatt

Electing Melinda Miller as our State Senator will guarantee that my family's values are better represented in state government. Miller's views on raising the minimum wage, support of affordable healthcare for all, working to ensure equitable funding for our public schools and protecting our environment, align with my vision for a better future in Ohio. 
- Jodi Melfi Design, Executive Creative Director

Sherri Nordwall

Jan MacAulay

As a fellow mom, I've spoken with Melinda about the need for affordable healthcare for our children and the need to make our schools safe places for them to grow and learn. She understands the challenges we face in Ohio and will help us find solutions.       - Carrie Loats

Trish Koons

Olivia Aguilar

Lisa McDonnell, Dominick Consolo Distinguished Professor

Melinda is the woman we need in the statehouse. She has a full command of the issues and is the voice needed to tell those in power about the lives of the women and less fortunate in the trying times. She speaks to the issues of the everyday struggles and will not be part of the good old boy politics of the dying past.
 - Don Vild, Private Practice Psychotherapist in Tuscarawas County since 1979


The list of people and organizations endorsing Melinda for State Senator continues to grow. Please add your name and statement (optional) so that we can help voters to trust that Melinda will represent them well at the statehouse. 

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