Melinda Miller gets things done.  
And she has spent her life in service to others.

She’s been a waitress, a line cook, a chef, a retail clerk, a manager, a massage therapist, and an instructor. Currently, Melinda helps her husband, Tim, in his small web services business. Melinda is a mom, a homemaker, a school volunteer, a community organizer and, now, a candidate for the Ohio State Senate.  

Seeking public office is an unlikely path for Melinda. She has always been more interested in doing what needs to be done behind the scenes than in building a career or seeking attention. However, she can’t let District 31’s Senate seat go unopposed. She believes that choice is critical for a healthy democracy. And she believes that there is so much we can do to better address the issues of our community. Recognizing that sometimes the moment calls us to go beyond our usual roles, Melinda is stepping into a more public life, committed to serving full-time the people of Licking, Perry, Coshocton, Tuscarawas, and southern Holmes counties.

Melinda grew up in Columbus, Ohio, the youngest of three children. She graduated  from Upper Arlington High School and from American University. She received vocational training at Massage Away School of Therapy in Columbus, and at the Culinary Institute of America. Her work and education give her insight into the challenges of hourly, low-wage work, an appreciation for the benefits of both vocational training and university education, and a desire to see people valued for their efforts regardless of their position.

So, Melinda’s doing what she always does. She’s listening to people, learning about their needs, discussing what we can do better together, and developing action plans. She’s leading a campaign that’s not about personal ambition or special interests, but is instead focused on service.